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Colosseum & Boss Update

• Removed minimum players from envoy.

• Added Ancient Engram to envoy crates. (Heavenly + Lucky + Titan)

• Added Ancient Engram to vote crates.

• Spawn has been reverted back to normal.

• Added holograms to spawn in case you get lost.

• Changed server colors to White/Yellow/Gold. (Nearly every single message - Still working on more)

• Added new portal to the Colosseum. [Boss arena]

• Added 2 new bosses to be spawned with the Ancient Engram --- Warning Bosses are extremely difficult and require more than a group of 3. Potions and apples are recommended as well.

• Loot from the bosses has not been complete quite yet as I am still working on them.

• All plugins are now up to date.

 Who are the bosses?

As of yet, there are two bosses in the arena; the First one is the iconic Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. The second is two crazy hunters... Slackjaw and Jumper (They are counted as two different bosses, so they have individual healths each.)


Where is the portal?

The portal is located in the building on the south side of spawn. Follow the path, it's right behind the fountain.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

• Removed #bugs and #suggestions channel from Discord... You can now post the bugs and suggestions on the website forum.

• Working on /help for more information for players.

• Server map border enlarged by 5000 more blocks.

• Spawn has been fitted into a Christmas spirit.

• Server Shop has been made into Christmas theme.

• 25% off the Server Shop [Christmas Sale]

• You can now choose one of three Christmas gifts.

• Increased kills required to obtain a spawner to 500 (Up from 200)

/shop is now available!

/sell hand command is now available! (Sells the item in your hand)

/sell handall command is now available! (Sells all items in inventory that are the same as the one being held in hand)

/sell all command is now available! (Sells everything in your inventory)

• Fixed several envoy locations which players could not reach.

• Tokens have been added to the server! You can receive them by playing on the server and by voting! [NOTE: AFK Machines are not allowed anymore.]

• You can see your tokens by using the /tokens balance command!

• Voting milestones ("My First Milestone" + "Every 25 Votes") reward more tokens than normal votes!

• A new /links command to see available links to the server.

• A new /website command to link you to the website.

• A new /discord command to give you the link to the Discord server.

• Renovated /store and is now like the commands above.

• Renovated the Forums!

Special thanks to EvilWifey (Dia) for her help!

Eastern Imperial Province of Luvium

We reach the end of the tiring work and start a new chapter in our wonderful and exciting journey.

A big and special thanks to everyone that dedicated time and work towards the server, we couldn't have reached here without you guys.

Glatisae          • xDrDub          • Nespresso

• Goodygoy          • Mystik_Muzik

The survival world will open later on today, along with the server. Best of luck guys and have a safe and exciting time on SovereignRP!